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Humanembryologie - Human Embryology - Embryologie humaine Humanembryologie - Human Embryology - Embryologie humaine
Human Embryology and Teratology
UFC - Urban Fäh Consulting - UFC - Urban Fäh Consulting
Kompetenz in Strategie, General Management und Nachfolge.
Situation klären, Marktposition stärken, Nachfolge regeln.
Schnell. Professionell. Ergebnisorientiert.
PL Agri-Service PL Agri-Service
Business X Union AG Business X Union AG
Swiss Consulting since 1974
Web Data Base Web Data Base
The web database contains as many you like tables (databases) and is based on HTML, MySQL and PHP.
Souvenir Swiss - Design & Quality
Souvenir & Geschenkartikel - Souvenir & Cadeaux - Souvenir & Gifts
Sport, Freizeit & Mode - Sport, loisirs & mode - Sport, Leisure & Fashion
A very special shopping portal for me offers you:

- Bags / Wallets
- Key chains
- Plush
- Rain Jackets
- Savings banks / Toys
- Socks
- Gifts
- Sporting goods
- Swim & Fun articles
- T-Shirts

and much more...
mac in a sac mac in a sac
The perfect jacket for all seasons

Waterproof and windproof rain jackets in 10 colors and 7 sizes for adults and children.
Ideal for all outdoor activities (Cross-country skiing, City Walk, Walking, Jogging, golfing, biking, horseback riding etc.
KISA - Sonderanfertigungen KISA - Produzioni su misura
KISA - Tendenza all'individualizzazione
K - piccole quantità, I - individualizzato, S - consegnato rapidamente, A - prezzo interessante
Marc Steiger AG Marc Steiger AG
Souvenir + Sport + Fashion accessories + Custom-made productions
Souvenir + Sport + Accessori moda + Produzioni su misura
Transfer - Transfer - Transfert - Transferim Transfer - Transfer - Transfert - Transferim

You may transfer easily with Transfer your data. Specially when the data are big and may not be sent per email.

Tagebuch - Diary - Journal - Ditar Tagebuch - Diary - Journal - Ditar

You may manage easily with Diary your personal diary. You can also create texts or documents online and make these available to others (with pictures).

Absenzen - Absences - Absences - Pa pranishëm Absenzen - Absences - Absences - Pa pranishëm

You may manage easily with Absences the absences of you and of your friends, colleagues, collaborators, etc.