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CROSWRD short description - CROSWRD - crossword program

INFO.DOK                         Patrick Faeh                  August 1997

                                C R O S W R D


  Please read first the following text!
  CROSWRD helps you to solve and compose crossword puzzles. The built-in
help gives you all the explanations you need. Please read first the
delivered documentation (CROSWRD.DOK, print it with PRINTDOK, or within
CROSWRD with "T").
  Use "INSTALL" to copy CROSWRD on the hard disk.

List of the files of CROSWRD

CROSWRD.CFG     contains the actual configuration of the program CROSWRD.
CROSWRD.DOK     the documentation for CROSWRD, CWENTER, and CWSORT.
CROSWRD.EXE     the program CROSWRD runs on all IBM-PC and compatibles with
                the IBM-PC character set. It needs at least DOS version
                3.0. 512 Kbytes memory must be available. When the program
                does not run properly on your computer, then start the
                program with "CROSWRD /B" (uses the BIOS).
CROSWRD.HLP     the help file needed by CROSWRD.
CROSWRD*.DAT    the data for CROSWRD.
CWENTER.EXE     handles the data (CROSWRD*.DAT), for example, input.
CWENTER.HLP     help file needed by CWENTER.
CWSORT.EXE      checks a data file (CROSWRD*.DAT).
EXAMPL_C.*      example of a "puzzle including clues" which you can load
                in the editor ("E") with "^L". You can print it with "^F".
EXAMPL_E.*      example of an encoded puzzle that you can solve at the
                screen in the editor ("E") with "^L". Verify the solution
                with "^G". The key word is "puzzle".
EXAMPL_I.*      example of an "inserting puzzle". Load defaults under "F".
                Load the puzzle in the editor ("E") with "^L". Check it
                with "^P". See "^H" for other commands.
EXAMPL_N.*      example of a "puzzle with numbers".
INFO.DOK        the file you are reading now.
INSTALL.EXE     copies all files of CROSWRD to the hard disk.
PRINTDOK.BAT    prints the documentation.
*.ICO, *.PIF    files used by MS-Windows.
*.LCT           letter conversion table (see documentation).
*.PRT           contains the instructions for the printer. Please print one
                file with "COPY HPDJ500.PRT PRN". You may adapt a file to
                your printer. Your printer has to support the IBM-PC
                character set. Please read RAETSEL.DOK too. Naturally,
                you can print at any time the actual screen content using
                the key "PrtSc". Don't forget to turn the printer on!