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Baza e të dhënave web

Patrick Faeh Software

Baza e të dhënave web

The web database contains as many you like tables (databases) and is based on HTML, MySQL and PHP. Various devices (desktop or tablet computer, smartphone) can access the database via Internet. Only a modern browser and a hosting provider is needed. Ideal for teams in companies, laboratories, research institutes, schools and universities. The database and the documentation are available in German, English and French.

Different users may be defined. For each user, it can be determined whether he has no access, only read access, or read and write access, to a table.

When so configured, any images and files can be added to each record. There are several search and sorting options. Data can be imported as a text file (.txt), for example, converted from an Excel file. Data can be exported partially or entirely as a text file (.txt) or Excel file (.xlsx).

The database does not use JavaScript. Thus, the database is safer. The database can be used without or with SSL. It is recommended SSL (https). In addition, the directory of the database can be protected (.htaccess). This double protection is recommended for highly sensitive data such as test questions. The database and the data (images, files, definitions) can be saved via FTP as a backup.

Each table in the database can be customized. Templates are provided. If you have programming knowledge in HTML, MySQL and PHP, you can also write specific programs. At an extra cost, tables can be adapted, specific programs written and the installation made. Hourly rate: CHF 80.-

  • Email: web [at]
  • Mesazhi i kthimit
  • Telefon: 026 684 15 34. Ndërkombetar: +41 26 684 15 34
  • Postë: PFS, Patrick Fäh, Route de Champriond 3, CH-1700 Fribourg