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Rrjet » Kostoja

Patrick Faeh Software

Kostoja - Web - planifikimi, realizimi dhe mirëmbajtja e faqeve interneti

There are different costs: development, hosting, maintenance. Here you will find some cost examples.

  • Development
    Someone develops the entire web site. Depending on the effort that can be expensive. There are prefabricated, configurable web programs, such as Joomla or WordPress.

  • Hosting
    Somewhere, the entire web site has to be accommodated. This is called hosting. There are several possibilities:
    • ADSL : if you are connected to the Internet by ADSL, normally you get also 20 MB web space. You get a page address like this . Some tools to build a web site are often included. This variant is free and the email address exists also: .
    • free : some providers offer free space for your web page. You get a page address like this https://homepage.provider.ext/your_name/ . These vendors are often financed through advertising. Many benefits are restricted (compared to "good" webhosters: no CGI/Perl, no PHP, etc.). There will be no email address and no support.
    • sublet : you rent a space from a web provider (may be also a friend and thus free). You get a page address like . This is a very favourable option, but there is no email address.
    • Webhoster : the whole web site will be on a computer of a provider of accommodation (web hoster). The offer is huge. There are big differences. For example, in the size of the space, number of domains, number of email addresses and price. You get a page address like . The page address or domain name costs also a little domain . Some tools to build a web site are often included. The email address is like .

  • Maintenance
    After the entire web site is done, it has to be maintained. Information must be updated, new pages added, etc. For cost reasons there ist no maintenance. In regular intervals, you may plan to make an update. Some web programs allow the web users without the knowledge of web technology to update themselves the pages.